05 October 2010

my bag

I first saw the travelteq laptop bag featured on design*sponge last January.  I fell in love with it immediately...and, of course, knew it was way out of my price range. I felt a tinge of jealousy for people that could walk around with this bag and then quickly moved on.

When I graduated in May, my parents asked what I would like as a gift and mentioned possibly buying me a briefcase.  I imagined myself carrying around one of those hard rectangles with the little flippy brass locks on the top and chuckled.  "Mom," I said, "I certainly do not need a briefcase."

After a few days of thinking about what they could get me as a gift that I would appreciate for the rest of my life, I thought once again about the beautiful bag I had seen back in January.

Apparently, it was meant to be.

As with most online purchases, I get a little nervous before I buy something. Will it look anything like it does in the advertisements? Will I be disappointed?

The travelteq bag exceeded my expectations.  The stitching is impeccable, the leather is sublime, and the best part~ there are so many pockets within the bag that I can keep everything organized perfectly!
To see the tagged items from inside my bag, stop by my flickr page.

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Erin Lang Norris said...

Hey, I saw your bag on flickr and my jaw dropped. It's beautiful! I love the story behind it. :)