30 August 2011

I've been busy enjoying the infinite beauty of nature...
And I'm trusting that this time I am taking to nourish myself
will soon be reflected in my art.
{hopefully very soon}

27 August 2011

This past year...

I have tried writing a big long post to explain my last year, but I am finding it impossible. So many things happened and they are all so intertwined that it could easily be a novel and not a short blog post. So, I'll give you a list. I am sure in the future I will touch on a lot of things in this list, but for right now, it is all I have in me.

1. Death
2. Divorce
3. New Town
4. New Job

So, there it is. The list.

I've barely picked up a pencil since my grandfather died. Six months without a creative outpouring. I am putting this immense pressure on myself to create something different. My thoughts are- my life is different and this should be reflected in my work.

And that's were I stand.

I would love to open up a dialogue about any of this, so please feel free to ask questions, comment, or share about any similar experiences...