30 January 2009


The only thing
about Heinrich is that he does not
order a doughnut with his milk.

I mean,
who goes to a doughnut shop
every morning
and only orders milk?

19 January 2009


Everything about Wren was
Even her hair had lost its color
that fateful morning.

11 January 2009


The glass jar in Ida's study
the most beautiful flowers.

There is nothing she wanted to do more
than lift the lid and breathe in their lovely scent...

baby shower, school, and a cold, oh my!

Why I haven't updated anything this week:

My wintersession class is kicking my b*tt right now.
150+ pages of reading each night, and a three page paper due every day.

On top of it,
silly me walked to campus in the snow, and spent a day in wet socks.
{and inappropriate shoes}
Needless to say, I ended up catching a whopping huge cold.

And finally, I threw my lovely sister a baby shower today.
It was great fun!

*hopefully, hopefully, hopefully*
I can pull it together this week and come up with some fun new characters.

Stay tuned....


02 January 2009


It's the new year, and Ivy is going to
that she won't be killing any more plants.

She blames her lack of a green thumb on her name.
So many expectations...