04 October 2010


She vowed to protect him from anything that could cause harm...
...even if it was a monster disguised as a perfect starry night.

I have been sitting with this illustration for quite some time.  I had originally inked it in late spring, but ended up putting it in my "I'm not really happy with you so I am just going to set you aside" pile.  Something made me pick it up and work on it today. Perhaps a hidden urge to work on something outside of the melancholy portraits I am used to?  This illustration feels a little sweeter to me...still a little sinister, but in a gentler sort of way.

After bringing it out of my misfits pile, I sat down and got to work. Usually, when I am working I will listen to music or the occasional podcast, however, since about 4:45 pm yesterday I have been obsessed with lectures on ted.com.  Now, I have listened to the occasional one or two from time to time, but right now I am addicted. {Sitting with my journal, I kept myself up until well after midnight last night listening to one right after the other~ writing down ideas and other things that came to mind.} These lectures have become a terrific substitute for the staleness I have felt with my music lately. 

Anyway, the point of my one paragraph ramble above is that I had on an incredible talk {his last lecture} from Randy Pausch while coloring this piece. I want to share it with you.  For me, it was truly worth the hour and fifteen minutes.


E.Mc said...

My dad made me watch that lecture with him, and my dad doesn't force ANYTHING upon me. It's so inspiring, realistic, and true.

Kudos for you for enjoying lectures. Have you checked out iTunesU? There are some pretty great lectures on there.

stella latwinski said...

I'm really glad I stuck with it and listened to the whole thing. The first ten minutes were a little slow, but the next hour and six~ inspirational.

I have checked out iTunesU. I have so much fun learning on my own terms!