27 March 2009


It was with great
that Ludmilla turned Howard down
when he asked her on a date.
She knew that Howard had loved her for years,
but she wasn't ready to give her heart to him.
Not just yet.

25 March 2009


Ivan loves everything about decimals.
Most of all, however,
he likes to {subtract} them.
On his Wednesday walks,
he'll line them all up in his head,
and spend the morning
enjoying nature
basic mathematics.

19 March 2009

My Great Great Great Grandmother

I am in the process of going through my old photos that I would like to frame,
and I found one of my
Great Great Great Grandmother
{seated right}
and her sister & sister-in-law.
I am amazed at how much certain members of my family
{ahem...my mother}
resemble her.

Just thought I'd share...

Sorry I've been such a bad blogger this week.
I had a nice little take home test that prevented me from doing anything fun.

I hope everyone is having a lovely day~

13 March 2009


Balfisious and Trint have attained legendary status as:
"the creatures who are easily swayed by cotton candy."

Trust me,
they cannot resist.

12 March 2009

sketching in the sunshine...

...with a dog on either side.
I don't think there was any better way
that I could have spent my morning.
{I just wish that it wasn't 10 degrees outside}

On another note,
I'm seriously thinking about branching away from
Unconventional Ida.
{don't worry~not all the way}
I would like to open a second etsy shop~
one for illustrations outside of the
I have been pondering the idea for quite some time now,
and I feel like it is finally right.

Would anyone like to weigh in?


10 March 2009


It seems like it has been forever since I've drawn Ida.
I've missed her a bit.

There is now a little ida mini print available in my shop.
I even did a bit of hand coloring.
{I can't keep my hands off anything}

{little treasures in the mail}

This cute little beatnik on a hill is my newest purchase from
Erika Jessop.
She has a terrific little etsy shop that's stocked
with originals right now.
I love my little guy, and he looks great on my studio wall~

My second little treat is a surprise from Paige over at
Dance Sippy Dance.
She won one of my giveaways, and wanted to send me a
little something in return.
This miniature original is awesome,
and I started smiling the second I opened my envelope.

I have one more treat that I'm expecting.
I can't wait for the mailman to deliver it!


indie fixx rocks

Jen, of Indie Fixx, is awesome!
She brought a bunch of fantastic artists together
to create free downloadable prints.
Times are tough for a lot right now,
but a little bit of art can brighten anyone's day.
Please visit her site to
read more about the artists & the Feed Your Soul project.

{download my free print}

Have a lovely Tuesday~

09 March 2009

{shop update}


{ girls on vintage book paper }

ORIGINAL illustrations
for only $18.

They look beautiful framed.
Pick one up while they last...


06 March 2009


Lucinda and her best friend, Charlie,
communicate through an intricate sonar system
that Lucinda has been working on for years.