30 November 2008

{sleepy morning}


And the girls are sleepy, too.


Dear snow,
I miss you.
Please, come and visit us soon.

29 November 2008

the sketchbook girls


New at Unconventional Ida
{the sketchbook girls}
original illustrations for only $32


28 November 2008


Agatha floats through
the forest of 1000 eyes
with her magical

25 November 2008

a different land...

mini moss terraruims
Made by Mavis

bloody mary plini
Magic Bean Buyer

kup kup land scenery 32
Kup Kup Land

fungus no.5
The Oak Leaves

I have been toying around with the
idea of creating terrariums
to liven up my studio...

{they are just so magical}

new etsy favorites...

i wish...
Naoko's Stoop

carrier of secrets and mysteries
Andy Kehoe

'til the wolves are away
Ali Aschman

This is just a small handful of some of my new favorites from etsy.
I hope that you enjoy their work as much as I do...


21 November 2008


Mee-Maw knows that she has an
on what she wants her grand-daughter, Molly, to be when she grows up.
But for now,
she will keep her mouth closed, and let Molly-O be
a little girl.


20 November 2008


She likes to
that she fits in with her sisters.
There is just something a little bit
different about her...

*the order is in*

My book order came in,
and I now have copies for sale at

*Unconventional Ida

Check out all of my new characters
while you're there!

Have a lovely Thursday~

08 November 2008

{upcoming show}

I thought you might enjoy a little peek
of some of the pieces that
I will be unveiling at my show this coming Friday!