06 October 2010

hello, my name is stella latwinski

Q. {I thought you disappeared. Where were you all summer?}

A. I would love to say that I was off in some foreign country, hiking around with a backpack and a sketchpad. The truth is, I was working what I consider a {big girl} job.  After graduation, in May, I was hired as an economist for an environmental consulting firm.

Q. {You are an economist?}

A. Yes, I studied economics for both my undergraduate and master's degrees.

Q. {So, are you working as both an economist and an illustrator?}

A. Two weeks ago I was presented with the most amazing opportunity to go back to my art full time.  While I enjoyed my work as an economist, and those that I worked with, I do have to admit that I missed my wood and pencils. I chose to dive back in to my life as a full-time artist.

Q. {I have to ask~ why did you change your name? Who is Stella Latwinski?}

A. I apologize for the abrupt name change for those of you that have been following me as k*smith.  The truth is, now that I am 100% focused on art as a career, I needed to set myself apart from Unconventional Ida a bit.  Unconventional Ida is just one of my story lines, and I have always wanted the freedom to break free and create work that is not confined to Ida's world.  The problem with using k*smith, or even my full name~ Kelly Smith is that it is an extremely common name. There is even another portrait artist by the name of Kelly Smith. I needed a name that would stand out both in searches, and in people's minds. I chose to honor my great-grandmother and take her name~ Stella Latwinski. Going forward, I will be creating work under this name.

Q. {Does that mean Unconventional Ida is going to disappear?}

A. Absolutely not. The story is going to get even better.  Now that I have a clear focus for Ida, I am excited to bring back more stories and characters!  I even have plans for a monthly periodical.


I just want to say thank you to those who stuck around and didn't give up on me during my brief disappearance in the art world.  I am so excited to be back!  Please feel free to send any comments or questions my way, either through this blog or via e-mail~ unconventionalida.{at}.gmail.{dot}.com.
Have a lovely day~
Stella L.


Micki said...

Ooh I like it when the truths are told, your new name is lovely and memorable too.

Micki x

Sissy Sparrows said...

Oh well wishes for your new endeavors and what a wonderful way to create your art under your great grandmothers name.

stella latwinski said...

Thanks you two!