27 February 2009

almost finished

Just need to burn the edges & paint the sides,
and she'll be complete.

tonight's first project

The start of tonight's piece.
I'm not sure how late I'll stay up,
or how many I will create,
but here is where it begins...


The {breezy} day
Agatha & the Sisters
in their travels...

24 February 2009

I have a tendency to kill...

...things that cannot speak.


I thought the note might help.


i finally did it


I have been wanting to get a pair of Frye boots
for quite some time,
but I reeeeeally hate spending money.

My sister, however, can be a
influence on me sometimes....

I bought the boots.

20 February 2009

{new} series

His heart was supposed
to become her tears,
but it got caught in her throat.
Along with many other things...

Like her childhood...

and her home.

Her voice is also
currently caught...


But, she has a good feeling about things...


It seemed to be the bee's natural instinct
to fly towards Sister Kiute.
This made her very happy,
for she always wanted to be accepted...
even if only by a bee.

boy treasury


I made a boy treasury!
It will be up until Monday~
Stop by and give these terrific artists some love.

Now, I'm off to work on my secret weekend project...


17 February 2009

sketchbook girls

My sketchbook girls made it inbto a couple of awesome treasuries~
Thank you veroque & badcatjewelry!

*new* studio pics

Storage for wood, art & tools.
Plus, I have the original Ida
watching over everything.

My poor computer workstation.
So messy, that I don't dare show you.
Hanging above are my great-great uncles,
and a doll that my grandfather
won for my great-grandmother
at the carnival when he was a boy.

{Books & Plants}
{b o o k s & p l a n t s}

where the magic happens...

I like to take pictures of my table
when I can see it.
Lately, it has been rare.

p.s. I don't use a Sharpie to create my work.
I was just busy addressing envelopes.
All ink work is done using
Sakura Pigma Micron Pens.
{archival quality}

today's newest

This is the new piece
that I am working on today.
I am having fun with the three panel look.


Thank you to everyone who participated in my give-away!
I have the envelopes addressed,
and a fun little pile of art to put in them.

I hope that everyone is having a lovely Tuesday.
I am hoping to get some of my new studio pics
posted later.


12 February 2009


Let the sanding begin.

I'm not sure if many of you know,
but I rarely ever sketch anything out with pencil first.
I just like to stick my pen on the wood
and see what happens...

Hello moon and stars.

She begins to come alive.

Time to burn the edges,
paint the sides black, and spray.

She's complete.


{my list}

Tuesday was my half-birthday.
Now, I don't usually celebrate half-birthdays,
but this one marked the last six months I have in my 20's.

I am not scared to turn 30.
*I am ready to embrace it*

I do, however, have a list of things that I would like to
{or at least get better at}.

{1} Quit smoking
*I actually quit over three years ago, but it was a before 30 goal, and I love to start lists with something I've already accomplished. It feels less threatening.

{2} Run a marathon
*I've been training, and have one on the schedule July 12th.

{3} Daily chores

{4} Grow fresh herbs
*My husband is such a terrific cook. I would love to contribute to his meals.

{5} Eat out less

{6} A greater focus on travel
*Perhaps if we were better at {5} we would find that we had extra cash for get-aways

{7} Return to my natural hair color
*I haven't seen it since I was 15. I think it's time.

{8} Focus on quality instead of quantity.

{9} Write letters
*I love to get them, so maybe I should give them. Plus I have an obsession with beautiful paper products.

{10} Keep fresh flowers in the house
*They're just so nice.

10 February 2009

*Journal Sale*

I am having a sale on my
hand illustrated Moleskine journals.
Stop by Unconventional Ida and check them out~

IF* time

Grace spends so much
on her hair and make-up,
that when she is finally ready to go out,
her friends have already gone to bed.

*huge updates on the rest of the blog, please take a peek~

*hello lovely*

In addition to working on ida.s dreams,
I am also creating some new lovelies.

a new way to hang...

I am playing around with drilling a small hole in the backs of pieces
so that they can hang cleanly on the wall.
{an alternative to the wire swirls}
I started with my miniatures,
and I think it looks awesome!

{ida.s dreams}




I am working on a few strange new characters from
{ida.s dreams}
They are not up yet,
but I thought I would give you a sneak peak.


{Friday's Show}




D was in charge of the camera Friday night,
but got so wrapped up in having fun
that he didn't actually take any pictures.

This is just a small snippet of the show.
I wanted to get a few updated shots for my listings.

It was a great time~
Thank you to everyone who was able to make it!


{Train Ride}

one of the rail cars

a happy couple
oh wait, that's us
{yes we are happy}

pretty mountain scenery

a little fog,
but you can see the horses just below it

still having a wonderful time
and also thinking about how we are going
to see Coraline later in the evening