30 October 2009

productive morning

I have listed {5} new originals
the shop this morning.

{ astrid }

{ lucia grey }

I hope that everyone has a wonderful Halloween weekend~


Everyone feared
that if spring did not come soon,
her skinny little neck
would snap.

29 October 2009

hook-y decisions

Not only am I playing hooky from school today,
but I am also trying to decide on hooks
for the curtain rod in my studio.
Squirrel & Bird
{pottery barn}
I have been holding on to a gift card from Pottery Barn
for over a year now.
{Thank you Ethan & Kynda}
So, I really should get the horse hooks.
But I LOVE the top two.
I can't make up my mind~
Which is probably why I am still holding on to that gift card...

I am thankful for D's wonderful cooking.
I am thankful for the blueberries that I am about to put in my oatmeal.
I am thankful for take home tests.
I am thankful that my plants still manage to live~ despite my under watering.
I am thankful for my studio, and can't wait to give it some love tonight!

28 October 2009

Terrance + Daisy =

New original drawings.
It is too bad that
Terrance's beard does not
keep his nose warm
on this blustery day.
Daisy is convinced
that everything she buys
needs to be blue.

Both are drawn on a page
from an old book by F. W. Kenyon
titled "Emma."

25 October 2009

morning games...

The title goes to the undefeated champion:

I love watching the squirrels tease Lola,
and then they laugh at her when she can never catch them.

I think she loves it, too.

We're all gluttons for punishment, right?

Happy Sunday!

I am thankful that my studio no longer has carpet.
I am thankful that it is Sunday, and I can spend all day cleaning up the mess that I made when I ripped out the carpet.
I am thankful for my husband's patience.
I am thankful for the wonderful evening we spent with family last night.
I am thankful that we finally own our home.

23 October 2009

*happy hair*

I am headed off with a girlfriend to D's show tonight.
I was so happy that my hair actually cooperated, that I decided to document the occasion.
{Maybe the little hairs on my head somehow knew we bought our house today.}
I am quite pleased with the evening so far...

Beautiful flowers from Habitat~
my favorite little downtown flower shop!

Hope everyone has a terrific Friday eve~


Blythe's favorite thing
in the world
is driving fast.

Speeding tickets are a regular occurrence for her.
{Though she can usually talk her way out of them.}

21 October 2009

hooray for prints!

New prints are officially available in the shop,
and more are to come!

I am super excited to spend my evening
creating beautiful & vibrant prints
for everyone to enjoy...


I am thankful for the beautiful sunshine that we had today.
I am thankful that I made it through my six and a half mile run this morning~ and in good time.
I am thankful for all of the wonderful women I met during my volunteer training these past few weeks.
I am thankful for the peace that I was able to find throughout this busy day.
I am thankful that my fancy new printer arrived and makes awesome prints.
{I would have hated to repack it and ship it back}
Thank you Epson!

20 October 2009

gratitude + dilkabear

I stopped by Dilkabear on Etsy the other day,
and I was absolutely delighted by what I saw!
I love the color of the new work.
{new to me, anyway}
When I look at these pieces, I feel as if I am wrapped in
a warm blanket on a frosty cold day.
Or, perhaps, suspended in time
in a magical dreamworld.

I love them.


I have also decided to use this blog as a gratitude journal of some sort.
At the bottom of each post, I will be listing five things that I am thankful for at the time.
Sometimes it just feels good to write them down...
I am grateful that I live close enough to school so that I can walk, and enjoy these last few warm days.
I am grateful for green tea.
I am grateful for all of the amazing artists whose work inspires me to push my limits.
I am grateful for my Dodger & Lola, who make little snoring sounds that put a smile on my face.
I am grateful for my husband, who is the neediest sick patient ever...but it is kind of cute.

Have a lovely day~

19 October 2009

my little corner of the world

I decided to post a few pictures of what my studio currently looks like
because I am about redesign the WHOLE thing.

On Wednesday, my new beast of a printer arrives!

The way things are currently set up, the only place for it to live
is on my work table.
I certainly can't have that.
So, my darling husband said that we can redo the studio.
Above is one half of my Etsy wall
and below is the other half.
Currently hanging is work from the following shops~
Dirty Pretty Things
Erika Jessop
Slide Sideways
Bound Staff Press
Mademoiselle G
I do apologize for the poor photo quality.
Not only do I have a horrible camera,
but it was set at a low resolution when I took the photos.

A new camera is next on the list of purchases for Unconventional Ida...
once I recover from the shock of the printer, that is.

I just love my little plant friends.
This one was begging to be part of the post.
The photo below shows where my art/wood
is currently stored.
Everything is watched over by my great-great uncles~
William and George
and the doll that my grandfather won for his mother
at a carnival when he was a boy.
I will be most excited when the carpet disappears~
hopefully, in the next month or two.

As of next week,
D and I are going to be proud owners of our
cute little railroad house.
{We've been renting it for the past three years}
Good-bye carpet!!
The bookshelf above is going to disappear.
In its place will be shelving above the workstation.
{In the pictures below}
Last, but not least, the mess behind this door is going to also disappear.
{It is so bad that I could not bear to take a picture}
In its place~ built-in shelving for all of my art, wood & supplies.

So, that is my huge weekend project.
I will be sure to take lots of pictures
and post them when it is all finished!
I am so excited to finally be able to renovate our home.
{It is small, but has terrific bones}
I also cannot wait to share the before & afters with you...

I hope that everyone had a lovely Monday~

18 October 2009

weekend recap

Well, I had a lovely visit with my sister and her two children.
They kept me very busy, and we had a ton of fun!
I didn't have a chance to work on my larger piece like I had planned,
but I still managed to eke out two new pieces this evening...

sedrick only wants a friend

They are both listed in my etsy shop,
and will be part of a show that I am doing in November.
So far, I have created 13 new pieces.
{see below}
I am hoping to have 22 more in me...

I hope that everyone had a terrific weekend!

16 October 2009


She wondered if the pond
was frozen over.

She kept her fingers crossed as she skated
toward the middle...

14 October 2009

One deer down...

...and bedtime for me!
Hopefully I'll get this piece finished by the end of the weekend.

Goodnight all~

Tonight's Project

It's a big one~ 12x15 inches.
I usually work with smaller pieces of wood,
but I thought I would give my patience a try.

We'll see...

12 October 2009

why I love what I do...

I received this letter in the mail a couple of days ago.
It is a thank you from the daughter of the woman who won my giveaway.
When I read it, I totally teared up~
She drew me a picture of her wall with my artwork on it.
How cute is that?
{you can click on the letter to see a larger version}

Since it is Columbus Day...

Here are some of my favorite pieces from shops in Columbus!