19 October 2009

my little corner of the world

I decided to post a few pictures of what my studio currently looks like
because I am about redesign the WHOLE thing.

On Wednesday, my new beast of a printer arrives!

The way things are currently set up, the only place for it to live
is on my work table.
I certainly can't have that.
So, my darling husband said that we can redo the studio.
Above is one half of my Etsy wall
and below is the other half.
Currently hanging is work from the following shops~
Dirty Pretty Things
Erika Jessop
Slide Sideways
Bound Staff Press
Mademoiselle G
I do apologize for the poor photo quality.
Not only do I have a horrible camera,
but it was set at a low resolution when I took the photos.

A new camera is next on the list of purchases for Unconventional Ida...
once I recover from the shock of the printer, that is.

I just love my little plant friends.
This one was begging to be part of the post.
The photo below shows where my art/wood
is currently stored.
Everything is watched over by my great-great uncles~
William and George
and the doll that my grandfather won for his mother
at a carnival when he was a boy.
I will be most excited when the carpet disappears~
hopefully, in the next month or two.

As of next week,
D and I are going to be proud owners of our
cute little railroad house.
{We've been renting it for the past three years}
Good-bye carpet!!
The bookshelf above is going to disappear.
In its place will be shelving above the workstation.
{In the pictures below}
Last, but not least, the mess behind this door is going to also disappear.
{It is so bad that I could not bear to take a picture}
In its place~ built-in shelving for all of my art, wood & supplies.

So, that is my huge weekend project.
I will be sure to take lots of pictures
and post them when it is all finished!
I am so excited to finally be able to renovate our home.
{It is small, but has terrific bones}
I also cannot wait to share the before & afters with you...

I hope that everyone had a lovely Monday~


The Rich Ant said...

Great space I certainly can't wait to see the progress and the finish... happy redecorating. :-)

k*smith said...

Thanks! I can't wait either *^_^*

Alisha said...

Looking forward to the after pictures. I'm the process of coming up with plans to renovate my studio, so this will be inspiring. Impressive etsy art collection!