21 October 2009

hooray for prints!

New prints are officially available in the shop,
and more are to come!

I am super excited to spend my evening
creating beautiful & vibrant prints
for everyone to enjoy...


I am thankful for the beautiful sunshine that we had today.
I am thankful that I made it through my six and a half mile run this morning~ and in good time.
I am thankful for all of the wonderful women I met during my volunteer training these past few weeks.
I am thankful for the peace that I was able to find throughout this busy day.
I am thankful that my fancy new printer arrived and makes awesome prints.
{I would have hated to repack it and ship it back}
Thank you Epson!


Artistic Accents by Darla said...

The new prints are awesome! I hear lots of good things about Epson! Which model did you get?

I love your 'grateful' lists! They make me think and remember to be grateful too! :)

The Fullante Family said...

thankful lists are so wonderful. loved reading yours! do tell about the volunteer training - haven't heard about that.