29 October 2009

hook-y decisions

Not only am I playing hooky from school today,
but I am also trying to decide on hooks
for the curtain rod in my studio.
Squirrel & Bird
{pottery barn}
I have been holding on to a gift card from Pottery Barn
for over a year now.
{Thank you Ethan & Kynda}
So, I really should get the horse hooks.
But I LOVE the top two.
I can't make up my mind~
Which is probably why I am still holding on to that gift card...

I am thankful for D's wonderful cooking.
I am thankful for the blueberries that I am about to put in my oatmeal.
I am thankful for take home tests.
I am thankful that my plants still manage to live~ despite my under watering.
I am thankful for my studio, and can't wait to give it some love tonight!


robyn said...

Even though I am not a big fan of squirrels (bad history) I have to say my vote is with the squirrel.

Justin said...

Have to say I love the bird. Maybe if there are two windows, you could use both the squirrels and the birds.

k*smith said...

Thanks Robyn & Justin! I think I am going to do a little shopping around at the antique stores before I finally make up my mind. *^_^*