18 October 2009

weekend recap

Well, I had a lovely visit with my sister and her two children.
They kept me very busy, and we had a ton of fun!
I didn't have a chance to work on my larger piece like I had planned,
but I still managed to eke out two new pieces this evening...

sedrick only wants a friend

They are both listed in my etsy shop,
and will be part of a show that I am doing in November.
So far, I have created 13 new pieces.
{see below}
I am hoping to have 22 more in me...

I hope that everyone had a terrific weekend!


blinkeeluna said...

Fascinating! At first I thought you were interpreting the zodiac symbols in your own way and putting them together using a tiled effect. But I realized that each individual square is a unique painting on its own that tells a very interesting story.

k*smith said...

Thanks *^_^*