28 January 2011

the need to create

While I am not looking to discover the next radical miracle, I do strive to live my life with constant curiosity and wonder. One of the things that I love the most about myself is my imagination. My hands and mind are truly at the peak of happiness when something is taking shape in their care~ whether it be a new piece of artwork, or a daydream. Wanting to infuse my desire to create into nearly every aspect of my life, I am, naturally, always looking for new uses for found objects.
Yesterday, two wine crate panels caught my eye at the antique store. I thought it would be fun to turn them into jewelry racks like the one I created back in September. 
I used varnish, black screws, hemp rope and a drill to turn my wooden crate panels into a wonderful way to display some of my favorite jewelry pieces.
the most important part to me~ 
Making them made my heart smile.


Erin Lang Norris said...

I love this post! Sometimes I wonder how there are so many people who go through life WITHOUT wonder. People who just kind of live...although I would never call it living.

Do you think it's a brain thing? Like, they just don't need to create or daydream in order to be fulfilled?

And if that's the case, what in the world do they even think about? Maybe this is why so many people talk about other people, bad days at work, how terrible the roads were on the way to work...over and over and over. Hmm. Sorry- I tend to go on about this sort of stuff. I just don't understand it.

stella latwinski said...

Thanks Erin. Daydreaming hasn't played a very large part in my days lately, and it has been missed. There is something about it for me that is so grounding...

Head in the clouds=feet on the ground. Funny.