30 March 2010

meet bluebird

Sorry for my absence.
D & I were at a lovely wedding in the Bahamas.
It was absolutely beautiful, and if we didn't have two wonderful pups at home,
I would have tried to stay.
{thereby avoiding the thesis that is looming over my head and has not been written yet}
Meanwhile, I had open studio hours yesterday.
Sweet, little Bluebird is my newest creation.


thewillowsnest said...

Hi there..Oh the Bahamas .. boy that sounds nice!
I love your little Bluebell.. soo pretty .. congrats on the sale!!
I found you from Indie Fixx.. I have signed up for the next Galleria.. I was wondering what response you have had from it?

I just wanted to say the cohesive look you have going in your two shops is fantastic.. what a different it makes .. I'm still working on that one ! haha!
Cheers , Helen

thewillowsnest said...

oops.. that would be 'BlueBIRD.. sory.. I hope I didn't offend the wee lass!!

mademoiselle G said...

Oh so sweet! ^^

k*smith said...

Thank you so much to both of you! Helen~ as far as Indie Fixx is concerned, it as brought a lot of traffic my way. I think that it is definitely worth the money. Also, Jen is a sweetheart!