11 March 2010

gratitude + tiffany patterson

Today, I am grateful for Illustration Friday.
I have met so many people,
and have had many opportunities arise
since I began submitting in 2007.
{thank you Amanda M. for telling me all about it}
I exchanged a few e-mails with Tiffany Patterson{the terrific artist below}a couple of months ago.
I absolutely adore her style!
Tiffany has a fun blog~ Ugly Yellow
and a beautiful portfolio~ Curse Words and Birds
It was great to find out that she lives just a couple of hours away,
and has even made a pit stop in my little town.
A little art friendship has been formed~
I can't wait to have one of her pieces hanging in my house!

I am grateful that I am inspired to work in my new studio.
I am grateful that my thesis is finally coming together.
I am grateful for friends who stop by my house and bring me treats {loaded with sugar}.
I am grateful that I didn't pass out during my endurance swim this morning.
I am grateful for my little nephew~
his first overnight stay with Aunt & Uncle couldn't have been better!

Have a lovely Thursday~


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Tiffany said...

Thanks Kelly...(your wonderful!) ♥