04 March 2010

gratitude + elsa mora {elsita}

I was spending a little time on flickr the other day,
and stumbled across these moleskine sketches from Elsa Mora a.k.a. Elsita.
They are part of her Blank Book Project.
I fell in love with them the second that I saw them!
In addition to illustrations, Elsa is an incredible papercutter.
She writes a beautiful blog dedicated to the art.
Last Saturday, Elsa's family was directly affected by the Chilean earthquake.
Her neice, Graciela, lost her home.
Elsa has posted an emotionally moving tribute to Graciela, and is also accepting donations in her name.
Please visit her website to learn more.
I am grateful for the health & safety of my family.
I am grateful for my new residency, and the community of artists that I am becoming a part of.
I am grateful for the sunny days that we have been having in Missoula this week.
I am grateful that my grandmother came finally home from the hospital yesterday,
and has made a full recovery.
I am grateful for my husband's wonderful cooking. 
Without him, I would live solely on pastries & ramen noodles.

What are you grateful for?


Elsita said...

Thank you so much Kelly for this post.

And I am grateful for:

*Sensitive people like you.
*My Dad, I'm reconnecting with him after 30 years
*My Mom, who brings lots of inspiration into my life.
*My children, they're my treasures.
*My husband, he's the best.
*My art, because it helps me be myself
*My friends and relatives, because they make of my life and the world in general a better place

KFM Gallery said...

um... wow.. Elsita has some AMAZING work. I her papercutting just blows me away..

Julia Mark said...

These drawings are lovely! Thanks for posting a link.
Grateful for blog posts.