26 February 2010

new flowers~ finally!

I have been running around so much the last couple of weeks,
that I neglected the flowers in my house.
When I finally had a chance to take a breath and look around,
the "flowers" in my vases were in a sad state of repair.
So, I stopped by Habitat earlier in the week and picked up a few treats.
these mossy little stems {below} caught my eye.

They worked perfectly in our bedroom bud vases.
I also picked out these delicate wax flowers {above} for the office.
They smell absolutely amazing!
And finally, I grabbed a handful of poms. 
{not 100% sure of the name, feel free to correct me if I'm wrong}
I always pick them up~
They seem to last forever.  
Often, they still look fresh in the vase after three weeks.

I also like to put them in my hair.

The little bit of sunshine that we have had in Missoula the past couple of days has been wonderful!  I find myself longing for spring, but needing to remember that it is still February.

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Flowers said...

Finally, a resolution I love and really want to keep. Good article. Keep on posting :)