30 September 2010

treasury + gratitude

featuring the work of~
.{This week I am grateful for}.
The late September warm front
Seeing old farm signs on road trips
*they remind me of home*
Being back at my art full-time
Long Sunday trail runs with friends
Blackberry pie & Vanilla ice cream
What inspires happiness in you this week?


Micki said...

You have inspired happiness in me by putting me in this lovely treasury!!

Thank you x

Sissy Sparrows said...

Great treasury...alot of my favorites in there.

What inspires me ....definately my family, my sister and I's dry sense of humour (we still get the silly giggles)and other peoples inner kindness.

mademoiselle G said...

Oh my, blackberry pie...haven't eat some for a while! Nice treasury too :-)

Think that what inspires me for the moment is especially the new season. I just love fall with all it's new colors.

stella latwinski said...

Micki~ You're work is so fun! It was perfect for my treasury!

Sissy Sparrows~ I have the same giggly relationship with my sister. She's the best!

Mademoiselle G~ Autumn is my favorite season of all. The colors are the best...