03 September 2010

*the 4th floor*

I have found myself with a few extra days off from work
{Wednesday afternoon through Monday}
On Wednesday, I thought it best if I try to cram as much illustration work and promotion into the next five days as I possibly could.

Upon telling a dear friend my plans, she replied~
"Make sure you take at least one day for you."
I thought, perhaps, she did not get it.
Illustration is for me.
Her words stuck with me the rest of Wednesday and into Thursday morning.
What would I choose to do today if I did not choose to draw?
Rip my house apart and then put it back together!
So I did.
{although it is not quite back together}

One project for the day was to raise my closet bar so that I could fit a dresser underneath my hanging clothes.
In order to do this, removing an old shelf was necessary.
When I took the shelf out, I found that the boards were old stairsteps!
I love owning an older home.
It always seems like when you do something nice for her
{show a little love}
she will give back a gift~
a thank you.
I think that these steps
will look great hanging on the wall above my headboard.
Perhaps when I dream I will end up on the 4th floor?

1 comment:

Meagan said...

Hmm... I can't speak for your friend, and I don't know you personally, but if I were to say "take some time for yourself," to one of my friends who might write a post like this one... What I would mean is take some time to be unproductive... do something frivolous! Remodling and lustration do not qualify, even if you deeply enjoy both. Go relax at a coffee house, take a walk in the parks, go window shopping or get your nails done if you like that sort of thing. That is what "time for yourself" means to ME anyway.