12 March 2009

sketching in the sunshine...

...with a dog on either side.
I don't think there was any better way
that I could have spent my morning.
{I just wish that it wasn't 10 degrees outside}

On another note,
I'm seriously thinking about branching away from
Unconventional Ida.
{don't worry~not all the way}
I would like to open a second etsy shop~
one for illustrations outside of the
I have been pondering the idea for quite some time now,
and I feel like it is finally right.

Would anyone like to weigh in?


1 comment:

Lenoirrr said...


Yes i would like to weigh in. I've been following your blog and Etsy store for a while (i'm the lurking, silent type... hi there!)
And yes, i think you should open a second Etsy store because it will give you more freedom in your work. An Etsy store labels a person's work which is good for the customers who know you and know where to find you. But i think it can also tie a person down to one style/thing. A second store gives you the opportunity to work more freely, make more choises and certainly show more of your talent.

Good luck!