25 March 2009


Ivan loves everything about decimals.
Most of all, however,
he likes to {subtract} them.
On his Wednesday walks,
he'll line them all up in his head,
and spend the morning
enjoying nature
basic mathematics.


•MaRCe said...

Ivan looks really interesting!! I like his story :)

Snezana said...

He really look like somebody ho loves mathematics and numbers!

Jennifer Nicole said...

I really like Ivan's story. I can see him, daydreaming about numbers, in my head.

Coreopsis said...

The picture is very interesting to look at. You can see that obsession in his face. The lovely lovely background grain doesn't work for me with his story, though...not sure why....maybe it's too "natural" or something, but definitely not at all like decimals which this admittedly odd duck likes lining up in his head.

joseph's art and stuff said...

love your styl! this is great!

Justin said...

Ivan looks great. The Cedar Sisters took a quick trip around my classroom tonight. The ladies loved them. Thanks again for the wonderful piece.