12 February 2009


Let the sanding begin.

I'm not sure if many of you know,
but I rarely ever sketch anything out with pencil first.
I just like to stick my pen on the wood
and see what happens...

Hello moon and stars.

She begins to come alive.

Time to burn the edges,
paint the sides black, and spray.

She's complete.



Tracy said...

she is wonderful! i love your style of drawing.

Snezana said...

I love your work and this idea to pubblish step-by-step!

Lisa said...

Beautiful! I love how free and unplanned your work is! Thank you for sharing your process :)

Traci Maturo said...

I really love your style. I've been experimenting with wood lately and always like to see how other artist use the materials. what type of color pencil's are you using soft or hard led.

great illustration!