12 February 2009

{my list}

Tuesday was my half-birthday.
Now, I don't usually celebrate half-birthdays,
but this one marked the last six months I have in my 20's.

I am not scared to turn 30.
*I am ready to embrace it*

I do, however, have a list of things that I would like to
{or at least get better at}.

{1} Quit smoking
*I actually quit over three years ago, but it was a before 30 goal, and I love to start lists with something I've already accomplished. It feels less threatening.

{2} Run a marathon
*I've been training, and have one on the schedule July 12th.

{3} Daily chores

{4} Grow fresh herbs
*My husband is such a terrific cook. I would love to contribute to his meals.

{5} Eat out less

{6} A greater focus on travel
*Perhaps if we were better at {5} we would find that we had extra cash for get-aways

{7} Return to my natural hair color
*I haven't seen it since I was 15. I think it's time.

{8} Focus on quality instead of quantity.

{9} Write letters
*I love to get them, so maybe I should give them. Plus I have an obsession with beautiful paper products.

{10} Keep fresh flowers in the house
*They're just so nice.

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