07 July 2008

I wrote { and illustrated } a book

For many of you that may not know,
I have my degree in Economics.

I thought it would be fun {yes, I think economics is fun}
to write and illustrate a little book I called
An A to Z Guide of Basic Economic Concepts.
Each letter is used for a basic concept and character's name.
I then wrote either a short story, limerick, or mock interview
about the character and the concept.

It turned out to be quite a blast!

If anyone would like to know more about the book, or for ordering information,
please shoot me an e-mail:


stripeymonkey :) said...

wow - what a beautiful layout and gorgeous colours :)

Laurence Asuncion said...

I must say, you have a very unique style of artistry. It was a joy visiting your blog!

ElegantSnobbery said...

I'm not a fan of economics myself, but I must say that your book is cute enough to make everyone an economics fan! Great job!

Ann said...

that's a great idea. are you selling it on etsy?

Rascallion said...

This looks great! Nice work.

La Alicia said...

your book looks great. so what's your oppinion on the current U.S. economic situation?

Phoeeebe said...

oooh! it looks gr-8!