24 July 2008

{don't give up on me}

Hi everyone!
I'm off on my little vacation today...
Well, it's not really a little vacation.
I'll be back on August 20th.

I will have sporadic access to the internet,
so I hope to get a {teeny} bit of blogging done~

Until then, I have my ACEOs with me,
and at Unconventional Ida.
I will be shipping once a week!

I also brought a lot of wood in my carry-on,
so check back in August for some awesome shop updates~

I hope everyone has a lovely week~


mademoiselle G said...

Wish you a very sweet vacation :-)

alex creswell said...

Hey... it was great talking with you this weekend. Have fun on the rest of your vacation, and thanks for the etsy tips :)