30 January 2010

the finished product

{I Will Take You Home}

See the inked version here.
And with a little bit of color.

shop update {part II}

..{because girls can be just as pretty on paper}...

Shop update {part I}

Poor Tillie lost her favorite ball
in the school yard today...

Wilford has kept a secret journal
ever since he was a young boy...

Adette loves the dresses
that Gran sews for her...

Christoffer dreams every night
of the jockey that he will become...

Halfrida wishes that people
would quit making fun of her name...

Fritzie wondered why he always
had to feed the chickens...

Griselde could bake bread
all day long...

29 January 2010

what's on my lap today?

Today I am working on some new goodies for my shop!
They will primarily be ink on paper, and the larger pieces will have a hint of colored pencil.
It is a beautiful, sunny day here,
so I am just going to enjoy a little music and drawing time.
I feel like I haven't been creating enough lately.

I hope that everyone has a lovely Friday~

a stolen moment with my sketchbook



Now that he could hear the clock ticking,
Jonathan was finally
on completing his thesis.

25 January 2010

The Tale of How

I found this short on YouTube over the weekend.
It is an amazing film created by The Black Heart Gang.
I found it absolutely beautiful, and couldn't wait to share it with you.
One problem that I have, though, is that I watched it first on my itouch.  
The resolution and detail was absolutely incredible.  
Sadly, on my computer, it is a bit hazy...but still awesome!
I hope you enjoy~

22 January 2010


She wanted so badly to be graceful,
like a swan,
instead of the clumsy little girl
she felt she was.

20 January 2010

Indie Fixx Haiti Relief Fundraiser

Jen @ Indie Fixx is coordinating a silent auction of items that have been donated by indie crafters, artists and designers. Each day she will share a new batch of items on Indie Fixx that you can bid on via the comments. You will be able to see everyone's bids and rebid if you get outbid. The highest bidder will win the item and pledges the amount bid towards the Red Cross International Response Fund. The item will then be sent out in the mail to you from the artist, crafter or designer who donated it.

At the end of the whole auction period, she will donate 100% of the proceeds to the Red Cross International Response Fund. She will pay all the Paypal fees herself...so if you bid $50 for an item, $50 will be donated to the Red Cross. She will also be sharing a copy of the Red Cross donation notice on Indie Fixx and will email all the auction winners a copy as well.

There are tons of terrific donations on the site.
I have chosen to donate
She Longed For Spring ~ Original
If you wish to own the piece, while also donating to this cause,
check the Indie Fixx website daily!

tuesday treats

On my walk home from the post office, I decided to spend a little time downtown.
I found some wonderful little treasures~
a bit of sunshine on such a drizzly, grey day!

The antique store was calling my name...


I fell in love with this little silver stand the second that I saw it!



Frames are always a terrific find.
These three even had their glass! 
Sweet little silver coasters
I thought that I had scored with the first set of silver coasters,
and then I found these {above}!
Nothing is better on a gloomy day than a bunch of fresh flowers.
I love stopping into Habitat
It is such a beautiful flower shop!
{perhaps I will take some pictures the next time I stop in}


13 January 2010

sneak peek inside the new studio


I was so happy to find these wood floors under the
carpet + a layer of subfloor.
It took a bit of elbow grease,
but they are going to be beautiful once they are refinished!



Three little inklings
soon to be in the shop
with a few of their friends.

12 January 2010


Astrid made it into this sweet treasury curated by mostrini.

Three cheers for bottom teeth!

{I love this photo}
D and I always take dashboard photos when we are on a road trip.
This one was taken on the way to Christmas at my folks.
I think I captured Dodger's expression quite well~
Like dog, like owner?


05 January 2010

new story {no.3}

Sedrick could never understand
why everyone was always afraid of him.
He was happy to find 
that the strange creatures growing on the hill 
 did not seem to mind his company.


new story {no.2}

*he thought there was a party*

Micah thought that he was headed
to the company costume party.
Too bad he had his days mistaken~
tonight was the board meeting.

*NEW* for 2010

Each original and corresponding print
now comes with an additional
description card!

My stories have been lacking with my newer peices,
and I think that they may have been a bit missed.

So, this week I will be working on writing 
little two to three sentence descriptions about each 
character or scene.

I will be including each description card with 
originals and prints from here on in.
{Sorry, not postcards at this time}
The handwriting will vary from the picture on the listing
since I will be writing each little card myself 
instead of using a print.

I will be posting them on the blog after each one is complete.
Here is the first~


*he holds the stars*

He wishes that he could hold her heart.
Instead, he is a creature in the sky~
holding the light so that she may see in the darkness.


04 January 2010

*sneak peek*

This year, I was asked to donate a piece to
Many Faces of Women~ an art auction to benefit WORD.
Rather than choose one of my older works, 
I decided to create something fun and new.
It is not quite finished, but I wanted to give everyone a sneak peek.
I will be posting more information when the event is a bit closer.