05 January 2010

*NEW* for 2010

Each original and corresponding print
now comes with an additional
description card!

My stories have been lacking with my newer peices,
and I think that they may have been a bit missed.

So, this week I will be working on writing 
little two to three sentence descriptions about each 
character or scene.

I will be including each description card with 
originals and prints from here on in.
{Sorry, not postcards at this time}
The handwriting will vary from the picture on the listing
since I will be writing each little card myself 
instead of using a print.

I will be posting them on the blog after each one is complete.
Here is the first~


*he holds the stars*

He wishes that he could hold her heart.
Instead, he is a creature in the sky~
holding the light so that she may see in the darkness.


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