07 December 2010

long, uncreative day

Things have been completely hectic in my life lately. The three-day UC holiday fair was a blast. I was able to meet some really awesome people, and find some new goods to crush on {like the jewelry from Gem & Eye Designs}. I'm trading one fair in for another, and now I am getting ready for the MADE fair on Sunday. Below is a picture of my booth.

I am going to put some paper up between the panels so that it seems a bit more solid when one is looking straight at it. I am excited about all of my new products for the holiday season. I have bunches of new greeting card and postcard designs {a few have even sold out already}, ten new pocket mirrors, and I've started carrying wood mounted prints. I love them!

I hope to get a few of these new products up and listed for you soon. For me, taking decent photos of my work is very time consuming, and right now I am focused on making sure I have enough stock for the MADE fair.

I received great news from James at Second Space Gallery that "The Color of My Childhood" sold within the first hour of the opening! It was wonderful to hear, especially since I nearly gave up on that piece altogether.

And finally, the last day of the art fair my phone decided to completely give up on life. Today, I succumbed and purchased my first smartphone {any fun apps you'd like to recommend?}. Even though I spent nearly all day at the Verizon store, I am a bit excited about it because now I can post short updates on my blog while I am back in Pennsylvania {no internet at the grandparents}. I will be working on my solo show opening in January, so I will be sure to share a few sneak peeks with you. *^_^* I think the camera on my phone may take better pictures than the camera that I own. How funny is that? Santa, are you listening?

I'll try to be better this week about posting some photos of my MADE fair prep. Hopefully I'll get a few better booth shots on Sunday, too!


Micki said...

Gorgeous booth you have, so enticing!!

Micki x

stella latwinski said...

Thanks Micki! Hope you're well *^_^*

Erin Lang Norris said...

aaah! i'm so envious of you and your new phone! my husband just doesn't understand why i *need* a new phone- a SMART phone.

as far as apps go, since i don't have one yet i don't know. but i do know that i want some sort of grocery store/recipe type app (the grocery store is 30 minutes away and shopping is a huge to do for me...i would love to just pull out a phone and get a list with the snap of my fingers if i happen to be passing by the store!) and the other app i want is the song recognition one. i hear great songs on the student radio all the time but they rarely add the songs to their online archives so i never know who it's by! hate that.

ps- you have a great booth! i would be so drawn to it if i was walking around the fair. :)