04 November 2010


I decided to take a break from my traditional illustration tonight and play! I pulled Mew out of my sketchbook, cleaned her up digitally, and added some color. 
Facts about Mew
Mew loves all things smaller than her.

Every time we go to the store,
she has to count 
the toothbrushes on the shelf.

She calls them "My Toothbrushii"
Mew collects acorns in pairs;
however, she collects socks singly.
Mew always wants you to have a lovely day.
I made a little owl, too!
What do you think?


Anonymous said...

They are great!!
Your traditional illustration is beautiful and this new one is nice, too.

Micki said...

Love them both!!

Jennifer Bower said...

Mew is cute, but the owl is truly inspired.

stella latwinski said...

Thanks, thanks!