20 April 2010

*new work*

I have been quite busy with my thesis, 
but I have still managed to
create a few new pieces for you!
Sadly, my blog may suffer a bit in the next month.
{as if it hasn't already}
My thesis absolutely must be written by mid-May!
{I need to lock myself in a room somewhere for 14+ hours a day}
One hundred pages~ here we go...


Katalin said...

you have a very nice and interesting style!
i like the idea of 'she dreamt of budapest' because i'm dreaming of budapest too! ;)
( have you ever been there?)
good luck with your thesis! :)

Anonymous said...

Wonderful work!!

k*smith said...

Thank you! *^_^* I haven't made it there, yet. Hopefully soon!

The Market in the Glen said...

My partner is also locked away in Thesis Land, so I completely understand. Don't forget to take little breaks for inspiration though or all that might be left is a little husk. *Sending you waves of encouragement.*