30 January 2009


The only thing
about Heinrich is that he does not
order a doughnut with his milk.

I mean,
who goes to a doughnut shop
every morning
and only orders milk?


Teri C said...

Funny illo. No donut must be making his neck skinny!

murphy girl said...

well he likes the smell of doughnuts, but is watching his weight!

joseph's art and stuff said...

love your style, these long necks are awesome!

Kassi Isaac said...

cute character- very soulfull eyes. x kas

Cheryl said...

Very entertaining. Cool technique.

Indigene said...

You've got to love that facial expression...! :)

owlight said...

nice quirky idea

catnapping said...

that's how he keeps such lovely neck. lotsa calcium for strong neckbones!