30 December 2008

*my three favorites...

{Mister R}

{behind the mirror}


These are my three favorites in
Mademoiselle G's etsy shop.
She is currently having a print sale,
so drop by and see what kind of goodies
you cannot live without!

29 December 2008

{snowy afternoon}

I had a wonderful afternoon walking around downtown.
It was snowing, but not too cold.
I decided to take my camera, and snap a few pictures.

*my favorite Missoula building*

*hello snowy river*

This cute cardigan was
the only thing I fell in love with at the
antique store.
I wish I was 5'2"
so that I could fit into it.

Now, it is time to bundle up again,
and head off to the post office.

I hope that everyone has a lovely day~

28 December 2008

26 December 2008


Elsabeth just had a
meeting in the clouds
with a spirit who gifted her a magical bird.

If she promises not to share her secret,
the bird will grant her as many wishes
as her little heart desires.


23 December 2008

I'm so excited...

the ink

beginning to come to life

color is finished
time to burn the edges...

she's complete

I love her.
I think I may keep her for a while.

Have a lovely Tuesday~


22 December 2008

new this week~

{new original ACEOs}

{new moleskine journals}

Stop by and check out all of the new work~
Unconventional Ida

19 December 2008

*a pleasant surprise

I received this e.mail today from the winner of my print contest.
{i love to put smiles on people's faces}
It reminds me of why I create.

All of the experiences that I have had in the past year and a half
*displaying my work publicly*
have been so amazing!

I feel so blessed, that most days I have to pinch myself.

Thank you, thank you, thank you

to everyone that supports my work
and finds joy in my creations.


Mr. Gherrity hears a lot of
in his spooky old house up on the hill.

He can't quite figure out if they are ghosts,
or if he is finally losing his mind.

He secretly hopes that the voices are ghosts.
He cannot bear the thought of
ending up like his father.

17 December 2008

{fun with banners}

Not only is there a new look on my blog,
but I gave my shop an update, too!

Let me know what you think~

MADE fair

Thank you to everyone who came down in sub-zero temperatures
to make the MADE fair a wonderful success~

I will {hopefully} have some pictures up this afternoon
of some of the goodies that I had to have for myself.

Thank you Missoula!

*treasury love

{their eyes will pierce your soul}

{wish you were here}

{blackberry pancakes}

{everyone shush}

I am so greatful that my work was chosen for these lovely treasuries!
click on the image to view the treasury,
and the shop name below to give the curators some

15 December 2008

{shop update}

new journals
*how cute*

check them out in
my shop
hand illustrated and only $10 a pop


12 December 2008


Sam is always quite
after a visit to Grandma Jewel's candy store.

"She has so many lovely candies," he'll say.
"Of course I have to try them all!"

07 December 2008

and the winner is....

I numbered the comments,
put them in my favorite teacup,
and pulled out lucky

Congratulations to hfedd,
and thank you to all who participated!


06 December 2008

{postcard samplers}

{wealth of knowledge}

{the pastels}

{the birdie girls}

{the pretty ones}

{the ghostie girls}

I have new postcard samplers in my shop
{Unconventional Ida}


05 December 2008


Let us just say that
the twins have

Don't forget to enter my drawing to win a print~
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02 December 2008

{ print giveaway }





I have listed my circus prints
at Unconventional Ida for a limited time~

Leave a comment on this post
~with a link to your blog, etsy or e-mail~
and be entered into a drawing to win a
free print!

*Good Luck*
{drawing will be held on Sunday, December 7th}

01 December 2008

{a letter to the jolly bearded man who lives up north}

Dear Santa~

If you and your {lovely reindeer} wouldn't mind
hiding a couch underneath our tree
this Christmas, I would be forever grateful.

Here are a few of my favorites
*wink wink*

Petrie Sofa
Crate & Barrel

Dexter Sofa
Mitchell Gold

Addin Leather Sofa
Pottery Barn

Corona Sofa

Sincerely yours,

{please click on the furniture for more information}

In Missoula?

Then stop by the Made Fair on
Sunday, December 14th
for all sorts of handmade treats
{just in time for last minute Christmas gifts}

Click *here* for a list of vendors...

Hope to see you there!