19 December 2008


Mr. Gherrity hears a lot of
in his spooky old house up on the hill.

He can't quite figure out if they are ghosts,
or if he is finally losing his mind.

He secretly hopes that the voices are ghosts.
He cannot bear the thought of
ending up like his father.


Amy C said...

really interesting piece, he reminds me of some of the Italian men I used to see when I lived in Philadelphia.
Thanks for visiting me.

Juan said...

Wonderful character!!!

eyecontact said...

Somehow I wonder if this man is ok or if he could use a little help! :)
Nice drawing.

Susan said...

What a great character!!
Love the background too!!

ValGalArt said...

I know how he feels :) great!

Danielle Barlow said...

What a great , expressive style you have! I love the way it appears to be quite simple, and yet expresses a distinct feeling.

k*smith said...

Thanks everyone! Mr. Gherrity was one of my first characters, but he sold so fast that I didn't have time to enjoy him. He used to run the deli in his town...he sold the best imported meats *^_^*

Tina Vaziri said...

Creepy little story you've created, I love it and the character :)

indigene said...

I love your expressive eyes and his neck...wonderfully creepy story, too!

Sara said...

Extreme and fragile neck, but it really works!