27 June 2008


Mena has a fierce desire to be in the kitchen.
She is lucky to have been blessed with 17 grandchildren.
She loves nothing more than to cook large meals for them

25 June 2008

she's finished!

I started working on this piece today~
I'm calling it
*bean and the green balloon*
Unless I get distracted,
I should have it finished and in my etsy shop this afternoon!

I hope everyone is having a lovely Wednesday~


20 June 2008


Hilbert, the monster, is in charge of protecting
Mr. Pinkelton's secret hoard of carnival memorabilia.

Gregor Pinkelton has been working at carnivals since 1908,
and Hilbert was a gift from Mary Herr, a bearded woman he met during the Depression.

If Hilbert is not standing guard, Gregor is positive that someone will pilfer
his stash of collectibles.

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I will have bunches of fun little aceo originals
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18 June 2008

The girls with the curls...

I have *finally* decided I can part with my
{girls with the curls}
This has been one of my favorite pieces for quite some time,
but I need to make room in my studio {and heart}
for new work~

Please read about the girls at:

Unconventional Ida


11 June 2008

*new* series

frederick, the tattered

I'm starting a new series of old, tattered stuffed animals.
I think I will have a lot of fun~



06 June 2008


Louis fears that this may be the year
that his birthday is forgotten.