20 June 2008


Hilbert, the monster, is in charge of protecting
Mr. Pinkelton's secret hoard of carnival memorabilia.

Gregor Pinkelton has been working at carnivals since 1908,
and Hilbert was a gift from Mary Herr, a bearded woman he met during the Depression.

If Hilbert is not standing guard, Gregor is positive that someone will pilfer
his stash of collectibles.


Dot said...

so bizarre and cool! i really like your style.


Raluca C said...

yes,agree,give a mixted feeling of sensibility and straniety,in same proportion!You have a very special style!
I also,by the way, like the furry guys from the right side of the page:))!!

Connie said...

Crazy, wonderful lines.

Diane Duda said...

i got lost in Gregor's beautiful eyes for a moment. :)

Congratulations on your upcoming etsy-versary.
I'm so happy that your shop is such a huge success.


David said...

your illustrations are great. is it on wood? its great.

Alina Chau said...