24 October 2008

*bad blogger, bad blogger, bad....

So I may have fallen into this tiny
{or gargantuan}
black hole that I like to call
"grad school."

Not only have I not kept up my blog,
but I haven't created any new characters
in months.

But I'm back!
And I'm ready!
{I have a million new ideas}

This holiday season, I will be bringing you new:
characters & monsters & forests, oh my!

This morning I updated Unconventional Ida with a bit of Ida's back story.
Look for new work to pop up this weekend.

{Thank you to all who have had patience with me}

Have a lovely day~

1 comment:

Jennifer said...

I really like your style. Welcome back :-) It sounds like the time in the black hole was good in a way since you have new ideas! Happy creating.