29 January 2008

*d.rock photography*

*ultra sound*

I am enchanted by d.rock photography's beautiful work~

*These are my two favorites*

They make me feel like I am all snuggled up on a rainy day.

Please visit her etsy shop to view more lovely photos!



nataJane said...

She has great pieces!

theVintageZoo said...

these photos are LOVELY!!! going to check her out now!! thanks for the link!

Anonymous said...

These are lovely photographs! :) I am very glad I found your blog! :)

(thanks for the etsy heart!!)

Erin said...

I think it's cool that there is a d.rock on etsy!

Jessie Cacciola said...

very cool -- you have a great blog here, and I love your tagline (I have a love of the simple as well)
- Jessie - =)

rachel said...

wow, these are great photos.

nice blog! :)