23 May 2008


Stanton loves to make soufflé.
While they are in the oven, he always paces about.
Stanton is filled with worry that the soufflés will fall.

p.s. Stanton hasn't had a soufflé fall since 1962.

14 May 2008


I am very excited about
my new flowers!

These are the first two
that I have created,
but tonight I am going to make more~
crimson red
fiery yellow
a lovely peacock green.

*I can't wait*


12 May 2008

{monday * feature}

this one reminds me of my sister & me

*feathers in her hair*

One of my favorite girly-girl artists is
Ali J

The pieces above are three of her originals
that really struck my eye~

Right now in her etsy shop
aussie patches
she has bunches of amazing work
{and quite a few pieces on sale}

Please, take a peek
I think you'll fall in love!


IF: electricity

There was a certain electricity in Joseph's eyes
whenever he looked at Katherine...

05 May 2008


{miss rebina bagelthorpe}

{miss rebina bagelthorpe}

for a limited time,
I will be creating these

Stop by Unconventional Ida to pick one up today~


p.s. they are 4 * 10 inches and ready to hang...