31 March 2008

new work for Friday's show

My first First Friday in Missoula
will be this Friday!
This is one of the new ladies
I've created especially for the show!


28 March 2008

{ jennifer valentine }

Jennifer Valentine
pays homage to her last name every morning
as she cuts paper hearts for her hair.


27 March 2008

*pepper and george*

I made Lita & Pink, and I just couldn't stop!
Say hello to
*Pepper & George*


{ meet gustav }

Only a bit to go...

Gustav is a proud man.
He should be~
he raised three daughters on his own.


26 March 2008


Fiona hates when people ask if they may pet her ears...


*almost finished*

*step two*
Eyes, ears, and hair...

*today.s project*

It has been a while since my last character...
I wanted to create something special.
Here she is
*step one*

15 March 2008

* meet wilson *

*almost finished*

Leo is already gone.
He and his wife, Bea, are off to Denmark on Monday!

I decided to get started on Wilson straight away.

It has been a lovely day
filled with art


p.s. I'm on a quest to freshen up my music collection.
I love all types,
so if you have any suggestions please let me know!

14 March 2008

{ Leo: revisited }

Leo was one of the first characters that I created
*back in July*
I thought it would be fun to see the progression of my style,
so I reworked the left side of his face only.
I'm so happy with him!

I am just about to finish the right side
and list him in my etsy shop~

*holy buckets*

I feel like I fell down the rabbit hole.
I decided two weeks ago that I was going to go ahead and apply to grad school.
I REALLY REALLY would like an assistantship,
but that meant I had to have everything in by today.

SO, I studied for the GRE for two weeks, took it yesterday,
and handed in my complete packet this afternoon.


Keep your fingers crossed for me!

On the ART front, I have tons of new work that I am itching to post...
look for it soon~
maybe in a few hours?