31 October 2008

IF* vacant

It is said
that Helen's vacant stare
is due to the fact that
she has
tree branches
for eyelashes.

28 October 2008

'tis the season...

This young man's name is Snea
{He loves to sneak}

This is Keeta
{She loves her spots}

This shy gal's name is Midjit
{She was born soooo small}

This pretty little lady's name is Lalala
{She loves to sing}

*the monsters in "The Forest of 1000 Eyes" are beginning to come out of hibernation*
all of my monsters are one of a kind originals


24 October 2008

IF* repair

Frederick, the tattered, is never beyond


*bad blogger, bad blogger, bad....

So I may have fallen into this tiny
{or gargantuan}
black hole that I like to call
"grad school."

Not only have I not kept up my blog,
but I haven't created any new characters
in months.

But I'm back!
And I'm ready!
{I have a million new ideas}

This holiday season, I will be bringing you new:
characters & monsters & forests, oh my!

This morning I updated Unconventional Ida with a bit of Ida's back story.
Look for new work to pop up this weekend.

{Thank you to all who have had patience with me}

Have a lovely day~