25 April 2008


Viktor wasn't about to let the fact that he had wrinkles get in his way.
Today, he was jumping off the falls~

in a barrel.

19 April 2008

IF: primitive

They may be primitive creatures,
but everyone needs a hug sometimes...

11 April 2008

IF: fail

Claire's bones may one day fail,
but her mind is as sharp as a tack.

10 April 2008

i.m so happy!!!!!!!!!!!

Finally, after living in the pound since January 26th,
I was able to rescue "Dodger."

D & I are so happy to welcome him into our family!!
I can't wait for us to go on our first walk tonight.

08 April 2008


When Geena was 12, she vowed to save her hair for charity.
Now she is 18 and ready to donate...