29 January 2008

*d.rock photography*

*ultra sound*

I am enchanted by d.rock photography's beautiful work~

*These are my two favorites*

They make me feel like I am all snuggled up on a rainy day.

Please visit her etsy shop to view more lovely photos!


28 January 2008


I posted a weekly *chore* list on my bulletin board yesterday.
Today is day two...I'm hoping to keep up with it!

On another note, I have a new character coming out today.
Usually, they are posted by early afternoon,
but do to my new school schedule, this one will come out later tonight.

I hope that everyone has a wonderful Monday.
*I'm going to*


22 January 2008

six months...

* This is going to be a bit of a sad post. I already have tears in my eyes....

A little over six months ago, I found out that my best pal of eight years didn't have much longer to live. Humbert was a part of my identity...For heaven's sake, I drug the 120 pound beast with me everywhere, and he never complained a bit. I was always afraid of him leaving me, and I didn't know how I would ever be able to take it...

* and that is how Unconventional Ida began*

I decided to pour my whole heart, and all of my sadness into creating each and every one of my characters. I couldn't just sit on the couch and cry...I needed to create something memorable...for such a wonderful friend.

For the first two weeks of Unconventional Ida, I was blessed enough to have him with me, under my desk and by my feet, while I worked...

*I treasured every moment*

He is still comes with me everyday to the post office, thanks to another lovely etsian- Off The Beaten Path. She was kind enough to make me this custom Humbert tote...

I'd like to thank everyone that has supported my shop...
I am truly honored, and so very thankful.

* I miss you Boog*


21 January 2008

*i'm blushing*

Miss RavenX, of ravenx.etsy.com,
wrote the most lovely feature of my work on her blog

*Dirty Pretty Things*

It is such a wonderful way to start the week~

*I think I'll be blushing all day*


p.s. I have one of her pieces, Lita and the Birdcage
and I {love} it!
Look for it on my blog...soon~

19 January 2008

cute shoes...

Everyone else puts their cute shoes on their blog
and I want to, too!

My favorite Campers
*he loves me, he loves me not*

I finally picked up some red shoe polish while I was downtown on Thursday,
so now they look all happy and new and ready for school on Tuesday.



They are selling like hotcakes!

Stop by Unconventional Ida to check them out...

17 January 2008

I did it!

I now have prints available.
they are so very affordable that you can pick up a few!

Take a peek


15 January 2008

Circus whirled...

Sorry I haven't posted in a couple of days.
I've been super busy creating new work for this show (above).
The theme "Circus Whirled" is right up my alley, and I am falling in love with all of the new characters that I am creating.
I will be posting some sneak peeks on my blog...

* BUT*

If you are in the Madison, WI area, you should totally head to the Anxiety Gallery and check it out. All of the artists are amazing!


10 January 2008


There are some new faces in my etsy shop today~

Take a peek!


p.s. I might be adding another one this afternoon

09 January 2008

I can't believe it!

I don't know what I did to deserve it, but I feel like the luckiest gal on Earth.
I'm in 8 treasuries right now!

"12 under 12" by beadyeyedbeader


"why, oh why?" by Jezabel's Jewels


"i have no idea" by blockpartypress


"cute for all of you" by expressyourself


"from trees to these" by shazzabeth


"kojak!" by boffin


"mustaches!" by hoppypoppins


"2008 Space Odyssey" by Emeraldine

*Please visit all of these wonderful shops*

08 January 2008

meet benjamin!

These little plushies make me smile, and each one has it's own story.
*Benjamin is my favorite*
Check them out in creator Heather Saunders' etsy shop:


*Everyone needs a Needling*

07 January 2008

don't laugh...

I have been trying to figure out
how to do a full screen capture on my mac so that I can post treasuries.
Finally, it happened.


Or so I thought.

Oh dear, why did I ever buy a wide screen monitor?
Is there any way to take a screen capture
of the whole treasurywithout having to cut & paste?

There must be.
While I'm figuring it out, please visit these wonderful treasuries and etsy shops!

Cinnamon Girl by LittleOddMe
Cute For All Of You by expressyourself
Kojak! by boffin


06 January 2008

synchronicity 313

Ahhh, my three favorites from Kenneth Rougeau.
I find "Bird Song" absolutely enthralling, and a marvelous idea.
Please visit Kenneth's etsy shop, Synchronicity 313, for a glimpse into wonderland!

04 January 2008

lola.s flowers

These flowers make me chuckle.
At first, I couldn't understand why they were so popular. However, the more I make, the more fun they become.
I find myself playing with the different pieces, and the different colors, as if they were puzzle pieces.

I am going to have an exciting evening
making new flowers and new colors!


p.s. They make great Valentine's day gifts.
p.p.s. Tomorrow I (super-excited) am going to see "Juno". Yippee!

03 January 2008

the first 8...

I stayed up until 2 am last night creating the first eight characters of '08.
They still need a bit of color, but they will be up in my etsy shop this afternoon.
I can't wait to introduce them all to you!


02 January 2008

dear blog,

I promise that I haven't neglected you already.